We Educate and Take Action After the Devastation!


We offer assistance, education, and support for the small but important minority of people who have suffered a lightning strike. After the strike, help is here!

In addition to the immediate injuries or death caused by people getting struck by lightning, surviving victims often experience a number of other painful after effects, for many years after the strike. For those victims who have experienced the emotional and physiological trauma that leads to depression, drug addiction, and other harmful symptoms, Lightning Victims of America is here to provide resources and support that will help you to regain, and improve, the quality of life that you once knew.

Drug Rehabilitation

A large percentage of lightning strike victims develop a drug addiction, our rehab services can make a difference.

Educational Material

Get educated on the after-effects of lightning strikes on human lives, and how to recover successfully.

Supportive Seminars

We conduct seminars to provide information, education, and support for victims and their families.

Financial Assistance

Lightning strikes take a financial toll on victims, we offer financial assistance qualified candidates.

Few Understand the Aftermath of a Lightning Strike

Victims of lightning strikes are rare, but those who have experienced this phenomenon know that it’s not an experience that goes away quickly or easily. It’s estimated that approximately 2,000 people globally are killed by lightning each year, and in the United States the average is 51 people killed each year. For about 350-400 people who survive lightning strikes every year in America, the long term injuries and effects cause far more havoc than the initial trauma of the lightning strike.
Ranging from physical injuries such as burns, organ damage, and hearing loss to physiological damage such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD, the effects of a lightning strike to a human being are a very serious issue, and unfortunately there are very few resources or programs designed specifically for these victims. Until now – Lightning Victims of America was established to fill this gap and help people across America heal from these unique and lasting wounds.

Can You Help us Support Lightning Victims?

If you would like to support a cause that has the potential to improve, and even save the lives of people who are struggling from the after-effects of a lightning strike, please consider supporting Lightning Victims of America Inc. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, meaning your donations are not only vital and appreciated, but also tax-deductible. As a small, family-run organization that has personally been victimized by lightning, we use all donations to directly fund the helpful programs that provide each of the individual services that we offer. Your support can change someone's life forever!

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